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Our Sevices

From the data center infrastructure to Model As a Service platform and with distributed locations around the world, OneSource Cloud is built to support the AI services in all different stages.


Bring your hardware and leave the rest to us!

Data Center Hosting Services

Onesource data centers are designed to host GPU computing gear with high power density, efficient cooling, and a high-capacity redundant network for massive data transmission.

  • T3 Data Center with 99.99% power-up time

  • Up to 50KW per rack high power density design*

  • Hybrid Cooling Systems*

  • High throughput networking

  • Optimized network storage on demand

  • 7*24 smart hands

BareMetal GPU Servers

Load your services and make them available instantly worldwide.

Standard servers are available instantly at our global locations.

Customizations are available upon request.

The single-tenant dedicated resources offer: 

  • 99.9% Up Time

  • Enhanced Performance without the overhead of the virtualization layer

  • Optimized resource utilization

  • Predictable Pricing

  • Isolated environment for higher data privacy


Elastic GPU Cloud

The elastic GPU Cloud services offer efficient large model training and inferencing capability with scalability and cost-effectiveness.


We will handle the operation and maintenance burdens so you can focus on training and fine-tuning your models.

  • 100% Up Time

  • Flexible configurations

  • Instant provisioning and deployment

  • Rapid scale up to 1000+ Cards Clusters

  • Worldwide locations

  • Reduced operation cost and complexity

Model As A Services

Bring your workload and train or fine-tune instantly!

Cater to the entire process of extensive model development, from pre-training to fine-tuning and support inference needs across various business scenarios.

Support mainstream foundational AI frameworks and distributed acceleration libraries (such as PyTorch, TensorFlow, PaddlePaddle, OneFlow, Megatron-LM, and FairScale). Provide full-stack AI development services and large-scale AI solutions.

  • Simplified deployment with encapsulated containers

  • Choose from templates ready to launch

  • Bring your own container and model

  • Automated rollouts and rollbacks

  • Horizontal scaling

  • Efficient resource utilization

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