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AI-Generated content Computing Service

OneSource Cloud provides GPU computing power infrastructure and solutions for the following AIGC business scenarios:

AI Artists

AI artists can create an image from text that’ll quickly visualize your unique concept or idea.  AI artists can turn your words into an image using them to add visual flavor to your designs. 

AI Writers

AI writers can generate text and write content based on user input powered by AI. First, they scan existing content on the web and gather data based on the instructions given by users. They then process data and bring out fresh content as output.AI writers are excellent for business conducting content marketing.

AI Video Generator

AI technology also can be used in video creation scenarios. Such as, Google has launched the AI video generation model Phenaki, which can synthesize realistic videos from textual prompt sequences. It also shows that virtual characters can play different roles, just like real-life actors in movies and TV dramas in the future. AI Video creators can advance the efficiency and diversity of content generation.

AI Voice Generator

As the earliest application of AI technology in our daily life. AI-generated voice has been widely used in mobile phones and car navigation systems. After completing a phonetic library and AI training, the voice can also be switched between different stars and even animated characters. Now we can even record and use our voice for the navigation system.

AI voice generator_edited.jpg

Multimodal Learning

Modal learning can be divided into cross-modal understanding and cross-modal generation. In contrast to traditional single-modal retrieval methods, cross-modal retrieval requires constructing a cross-modal relationship model so that users can retrieve the modes they expect by submitting the ways they have. For example, Web pages often contain text descriptions and matching images or videos.

AI-powered Code Generator

The AI-powered code generator can provide code suggestions to developers based on the code name and the context. Many AIGC open-source projects have already been trained on billions of lines of code available on GitHub that support most programming languages.

AI-Powered Game Development

There are two uses of AI in game creation. First, AI can be used to create scenes and stories in games. With the rising of open-world games, AI-generated game scenarios and NPCs will significantly improve efficiency and reduce cost. Also, game players can use AI to create virtual characters through the AIGC platform to enhance interactions. 

AI game_edited.jpg

AI Generated Strategy

AI-generated Strategy uses AI to learn to achieve a goal in an uncertain, potentially complex environment. In the reinforcement learning process, an AI faces a game-like situation in which the computer employs trial and error to solve the problem. To get the machine to do what the programmer wants, AI gets either rewards or penalties for its actions. AI's goal is to maximize the total reward by reinforcing the learning process and eventually optimizing the overall strategy, thereby bringing a smooth and intelligent user experience. 

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