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OneSource Cloud Data 
Center Locations

OneSource Cloud Global Cloud has data center locations worldwide – find the location nearest to you on the map and click to learn more.

United States

Data centers in the United States offer strategic advantages, including access to a vast market, advanced infrastructure, skilled labor, regulatory compliance, and economic benefits, enhancing service delivery and operational efficiency.


As OneSource Cloud’s headquarter, Dallas Data Center serves as a central node for trans-American network traffic and a business mecca for multiple industries.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles can readily serve Silicon Valley and Asia, allowing businesses to expand internationally and nationally.


As more and more companies leave the west coast due to the high living cost and look for more business-friendly locations, we decided to follow suit to offer our customers a wide variety of regions. This also allows us to cover South America more strategically.


Virginia is a hub for the entire east coast of the United States. Our data center has been strategically placed near one of AWS’s largest North American regions.



Data centers in Europe offer strategic advantages such as access to a diverse and affluent market, robust data protection regulations, advanced technological infrastructure, a skilled workforce, and incentives for renewable energy use, facilitating efficient service delivery and compliance with stringent privacy standards.


Geographically located at the center of Europe, Frankfurt is the largest transportation hub and financial center in Germany and serves as the central network node of the European continent. Its sophisticated IT infrastructure and network facilities provide excellent coverage of Europe.


The Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX) is an Internet exchange point in Amsterdam, Netherlands. AMS-IX started in 1994 and is a fast-growing, non-profit, neutral, independent peering point and one of the world’s largest Internet exchanges. OneSource Cloud is proud to be selected as a member.


Data centers in Asia offer key benefits, including access to the world's largest internet user base, rapidly growing digital economies, diverse technological hubs, significant investment opportunities, and the potential for strategic partnerships in a region that strongly emphasizes technological innovation and digital transformation.

Hong Kong

Our Hong Kong facility is located in one of the 4 Equinix data centers and is strategically situated in one of Asia’s busiest centers for international finance and trade. Known worldwide for their operational reliability, an Equinix data center’s average uptime is >99.9999% and is designed with N+1 redundancy. Our Hong Kong data center also offers connections to 85+ network service providers.


Located in the Chief Telecom complex, OneSource Cloud has carrier-grade facilities and networking resources across Asia. In addition, Chief Telecom is now the IntereXchange center for most IXC (Inter-eXchange Carrier) and submarine cable operators (i.e., Qwest, FLAG, SingTel, MCI, FT, NTT, etc.), providing a platform for e-business and networking for the Greater China area.


Adjacent to the Malacca Strait, Singapore has become the internet traffic hub connecting Asia with Europe and Oceania. OneSource Cloud’s Singapore data center is also operated by Equinix, a leader in global data center operations.


Seoul Data Center opened on Oct. 31, 2017. With direct connectivity to Tokyo and Shanghai, the total number of Interconnected Cloud centers reached 17, with more to come.


OneSource Cloud’s Tokyo data center is located at Equinix TY4, which handles over 90% of Japan’s internet traffic. Operated by Equinix, a leading data center specialist. TY4 is one of two data centers receiving LEED gold certification in Japan. Besides OneSource Cloud, TY4 also serves Google and Microsoft.

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